Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Last July I bought tickets to the Chiefs-Denver game for me and my dad for a fathers day/thanks for fixing my car gift. I had no idea at the time that I would be picking one of the best games of the year. We are by trade Chiefs fans and every year I start as a hard core fan and normally mid-season I don't watch as often because I get busy and it isn't as important when you are 0-12. But this year as I watched their season take place I got more and more excited for the upcoming game. Their first loss was to the Broncos in Denver two weeks before our big game which only increased the excitement for our rematch. We got parking in advance, bought custom cut steaks, and put together our drinks the night before in preparation. I also went and bought a new long sleeve thermal and leggings to go under my jersey and jeans to keep warm. When the morning finally came, my dad and I had breakfast with the rest of our family and headed out.
By headed out I mean we headed to Walmart to pick up those last minute things we forgot to get the night before. Like extra gloves, a chiefs hat for my dad, and A1 sauce. (Or and plates because I totally left them on the table when we left.) The ride down we talked about the injuries, how perfect the weather was going to be, and made predictions about the final score. My prediction was 24-21 Chiefs. I unfortunately was wrong, but more on that later.
We waited in a long line of cars to get into the stadium and when we gave our parking stub to the parking people it looked as though we would be parking pretty far away from the actual stadium, which we kind of expected. To our surprise they directed away from everyone else entering the far out parking lot and toward the stadium. Somehow the parking I had gotten us was parking in the lot right in front of the stadium. It was perfect. Everyone was tailgating and there was no way out once you got in there. Most everyone was Chiefs fans though you would see the occasional Broncos fan walk by and get booed by the crowd. The atmosphere was perfect and the sun was shining. We were sure it would be a great day.
Entering the stadium was a whole new experience. We had lower level seats in the end zone and by the time we got into our seats the players were already warming up. It was incredible! The stadium was overwhelming big and the players looked so close. We were high enough up to be able to see the plays develop, but far enough down to see them up close. They couldn't have been better seats.
We got super into the game. The things that happen in the stadium that you don't see on TV are awesome. The crowd is super loud, everyone is very into the game, and their couldn't be more loyal fans. We stood the whole time, screaming until our voice cracked. I remember the 100  yard return getting us the 3rd touchdown of the game. I was screaming and jumping up and down. I think the Broncos fan next to me thought I was a crazy person.
Everything just seemed so perfect. Right up to the point where we started losing. But then we started to make a come back. I remember how disappointed I felt when we didn't get that last touchdown. But overall it was a almost perfect day. Sometimes luck is on your side.