Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Does time ever slow down?

I have no idea why I continue to kid myself and ever think that things truly slow down in my life. I just came off of my 2 months of vacation (haha!) and I must say I am happy to be back to a little more routine. I finished up my interviews in the middle of January and then had 2 excruciating weeks of having no idea where I wanted my life to go. I may not have been the most reasonable and pleasant person during this particular period of time. Who knew making life changing decisions could make someone so stressed and irritable. But alas I have finished my rank list and now I await my placement that will come in March.
I have become a very spoiled Aunt Katie over the last few weekends and I am enjoying every moment that I can with my sweet nieces. I want to be that Aunt who is very close with her nieces and nephews and knowing that I may be leaving the area for awhile it is important to me that I get the bonding time now! Aurora is now 6 weeks old, holding up her head, and is very aware of her surroundings. Meri has a mind of her own and is starting to form a very loveable personality.
Life is overall is a really great place and I am looking forward to the next stepping stones in my life. First with Match in March and then graduation in May. Who knew I would get this far? I am also in the middle of a fun, exciting, and sometimes frustrating adventure, but more on that another time. I have decided to try my hand at writing short stories during my free time(which may be why I haven't finished one yet.) Oh and I'm looking forward to spring time and I've become a selfie queen(who would have thought? thanks mom!)
Oh and one more thing I want to finish with the raincoat story. A couple weekends ago both my older sister and I came to St Joseph to celebrate my grandma's birthday. As we often do, we decided to go on a quick run to target and while browsing we came across the adorable raincoat you can see Meri wearing in the above photo. Her mother said no, but because I am a wonderful aunt I refused to take no for an answer and Meri loves her new coat. And that is how I remember the whole story and I am a hero. Now all she needs is the matching umbrella!