Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Last Day of Speciality Team and The Beginning of the SP/JP Partnership

I went all week thinking about that awkward "well see ya later" I would have at the end of the week when I would leave the nephro/endo team for the last time on Saturday. I wasn't looking forward to when that moment came and not really because of what I was sure would be an awkward goodbye, but because I really enjoyed it. I woke up every morning between 4-430am, showered, had my tea, and headed off and I always looked forward to going back. I was excited to see how much progress I would make or what my day would be like before I left in the morning. And let me tell you, I am not normally a morning person. For several years I was the get up at 10-11am kind of person. I thought getting up this early would be TORTURE, but it wasn't. The week went smoothly and I again learned so much about kids and general medicine. I saw many diseases I had only read about and learned a more practical approach to several problems. I got even more encouragement for progression and when Saturday came I felt very confident about the progress I made during the week and how I was doing. I truly believe that the more comfortable that someone makes you feel while you are learning from them the easier it is for you to learn and the less likely it is that you will make some silly mistake because you're anxious. Working with the nephro/endo team I felt at ease everyday and knew that I would do a lot of learning each day. When Saturday came it was like any other normal day, I saw the 2 patients I had admitted the night before, got feedback, and wrote my notes. When the work for the day was done and I had done one last round to make sure my patients were okay, I said my awkward goodbyes which turned out to be not as awkward as I was expected. I really want to thank the team for how much help they gave me, but I know nothing I said would really convey how thankful I really was for the last couple of weeks. When I walked out of that room I felt satisfied with my experience and ready to take on the next big thing. Today I started general pediatrics. Sundays aren't your typical days, so I am hoping tomorrow is a little more smooth and I do a little better. I definitely need to brush up on my asthma!
One of the other exciting moments of the week was the beginning of my Senior Partner/Junior Partner relationship this week during adult medicine clinic. Every friday I do a half a day of clinic and when I started I had my own senior partner who taught me the ins and outs of clinic, physical exam, and history taking. This was my first "official" week as a senior partner though I had met my junior partner before. It definitely feels a lot different when you have someone who is watching and learning from what you do. I hope that I will be able to be a good partner for him and he will do well when it is his turn to do it on his own. He seems very advanced for his current education level and I am sure he is going to be a great member to our docent team.
Today's plan is to do a little studying on brushing up on pediatric physical exam. I'm also going to start working on my CV and personal statement. I suppose it is time to start putting that kind of stuff together. And then maybe a little nap :). Happy Sunday!

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  1. Hello Katie,

    Our yr 6 Med students have just sat their final exams ... I have enjoyed reading your blog. I am in Australia- you are in the US I gather?