Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Aunt Katie time

I became "Aunt Katie" in March of 2012 to Merideth Ann after a long day in the waiting room. Now a little over 2 years later she is a walking, talking little human who steals my heart every time that I am with her. My sister and her husband had tickets for a starlight show here in town and had asked me to keep Meri all day so they could have some couple time and then go to their show. I was very excited, because this would be the first time we would have one-on-one time together. Over time our plans changed a little. This is my last year of medical school and my last guaranteed year here in the KC. The probability that I will be packing up and moving half way across the country this coming spring is pretty high and so my sister decided that she would rather have a day together to get in some sister time.
We structured our day around what would be fun for a toddler and had an amazing time. We started at Fritz the railroad restaurant where Mer was completely at awe with the trains that ride around the restaurant delivering food. From there we went to the Chocolate factory where she got to watch them make fudge and pick out a train chocolate sucker before heading off to check out some of the shops.
After a needed nap, we headed out for the splash park. I had no idea there were free splash parks around the city, but they are a great idea and she had an amazing time. She has absolutely no fear and her and daddy got soaked. We finished up our time with the parents having dinner and watching Frozen(she absolutely LOVES frozen).

Once we had the adults out of the house and on their way to the show we set to work making homemade salt clay. She had a great time helping me dye the clay different colors and we of course used it to build a snowman.

I have a large craft room filled with a number of different things including 50 different colors of paint. So when we were done with the clay we headed upstairs to pick out a couple of colors for hand painting.

After hand painting we took a bath and did shaving cream painting while washing off. We finished the night with a story and a second round of Frozen.

The day was wonderful. There was no stress, she says the funniest things, and overall we mostly just laughed. It has been amazing watching her grow over the last couple of years. If come May I find myself packing to pursue my dreams, I am going to miss having days like that, but for now I will enjoy the time I have and try to create memories with her while I can.

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