Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Graduation Party

I often say that I am very blessed and my graduation party is a great example of how true this is. My party was a joint effort by so many different people(especially my parents) and I am truly grateful for everyone's hard work and efforts to make it a special day for me. I owe a very special thank you to my sister Jamie who put together all the decorations to highlight my years in medical school. The decorations were incredible. I also owe a thank you to Jim Hoover for allowing me to have my party at his home.
I unfortunately was pretty sick throughout most of my party, but I was very excited to see everyone who came to celebrate my big event with me. The support I have received over the last few weeks has been overwhelming and heart warming. I cannot possibly express how much it meant to me that everyone gave up their Saturday evening on a cold May Saturday to celebrate with me. I wish I had more time and energy to get around to really talk to each and everyone who was there. It meant the world to me that you were all there.

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