Monday, March 16, 2015


Ahhh! I'm going to be an Emergency Medicine doctor!!! Everything I have done has been working up to this point. I found out this morning that I have been placed with a residency somewhere and my dream of being a physician is going to come to pass. I don't think I had let myself think about how stressed I really was for this day to come until today. No matter how much I felt that I would probably get placed, there is always this little voice in the back saying, "but what if you don't." I feel very relieved and beyond excited knowing that I officially have a job come June/July. Now the wait has started for Friday when I will find exactly where I will be spending the next 3 years. This may very well be the longest week of my life!
I am incredibly grateful for all the support. It is days like this that I am reminded of all of the people who have stood in the background cheering me on every single day no matter if I was on top of the mountain or on the edge of giving in to failure. I have a large group of people out there who have believed in me every day even when I haven't believed in myself. Today is not only a day for me, but also for everyone who has helped me get here. I have actually made it! And I wouldn't have made it without my huge support system.
My first two weeks of March have been incredibly busy, stressful, and exciting. I worked a bunch of shifts in the Emergency Room and it is definitely spring. Lots of people out and about. More illnesses, more gun shots, more ER visits. The absolute chaos has been right up my alley. There have definitely been tough moments, heartbreaking experiences, but I am thankful for every ounce of experiences I have had.
This weekend I spent with my family for my grandpa's 74th birthday. At least we agreed that it was likely his 74th though there was some discussion it was his 73rd or 75th. His son flew in from Portland to surprise him which I got to be a huge part of and on Saturday night my baby brother arrived home for his 2 week visit. It was a very typical visit. Lots of laughter, shenanigans, cards, and dessert.
I finished my weekend by having dinner and drinks with my beautiful mama. We so rarely get just a little bit of time to just us so it was a good time. We filled each other in on everything going on and then checked out the brush fire that had gotten out of control on the river. A little bit of excitement to end my entirely too fast weekend.
This should be a great week and I look forward to sharing with everyone my placement for residency come Friday. I have my Match Day dress all picked out and lunch reservations made. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a good placement, though I must admit I would be happy at most of the programs I interviewed at!

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