Friday, November 29, 2013

On Family Medicine

Shockingly the end of my time on Family Medicine has quickly arrived. What I was sure would be a relaxing, slow month was nothing of the sort. As I stood in my grandparent's guest room Tuesday night packing up my stuff, we discussed how we couldn't believe it had already come to an end. Somehow I managed to accumulate an excessive amount of stuff in their bedroom. Come to think about it, I didn't clean out the dresser or closet. I also made a trip to walmart right before bed Tuesday when I realized I had left my toothbrush and toothpaste sitting in their bathroom. Spending the month with them was very different from my normal daily life. Coming home to a house with people who are eager to hear about your day and have dinner with you is the complete opposite of me normally coming home to a dark, quiet house. Time just goes by so fast when you are enjoying it.
I had the opportunity to work with two different physicians this month who loved what they did and made Family Medicine look awesome. Actually I enjoyed Sports Medicine so much that if ER doesn't work out for me, I think I will do Sports Medicine instead. I had the opportunity to hear afib and an aortic murmur in the same day and seeing the amount of patients I was able to see allowed me quickly show progress. I really enjoyed the rotation and I enjoyed the opportunity to talk with physicians about their life and career path. It is nice to know I am not the only female doctor-to-be who is interested in working on their career before rushing off to get married and have a family(not that there is anything wrong with getting married and having a family first). And the other doctor has more debt than me! It is easy to forget when you are working with people who evaluate you that they are also human with their own stories.  Life is different away from academic medicine and I greatly enjoyed it.
I could use another month doing the same kind of thing there and I really believe it would be extremely beneficial. However, the next rotation calls and I will be moving on to inpatient internal medicine come Monday. I have already set up my study schedule and have made my goals for my upcoming rotation. I have a feeling it is going to go just as fast as the rest of my rotations this year. Hopefully I finish getting Christmas ready before Dec 25th arrives.

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