Saturday, November 9, 2013


While my time in the pediatric clinics has been over for a little over a week now, I still remember my time there fondly. It is funny how certain things make you regress back into childhood. Like water puddles when you are on vacation, tickling, and these special tiles in the pediatric clinic. My first couple of days I didn't even notice that they were "special." I just thought they were strange colored blocks on the floor. Like abstract. But a couple days in some of the other medical students were talking about stepping on them and being afraid they had broken something. These blocks were so cool! (note: I am easily impressed and amused.) Basically it was a block on the floor that when you stepped on it the color displaced. It was like paint in a ziplock bag or something. Once I discovered these gems, I found myself looking around the hallway every time I went to see a patient to see if anyone else was around so I could step on the blocks without being judged. I am sure they are there for the entertainment of the children, but heck there are times when I am still a child at heart.

Christmas! It is another thing that makes me a child at heart and fills me with unexplainable excitement when I allow myself to start decorating. It often takes me weeks to put up all my decorations with my busy schedule, but I start early. Shopping for decoration, putting them up, hot cocoa, Christmas music. You name it, it all fills me with a ridiculous amount of joy. Right now my house is half Christmas, half fall, with a sprinkle of halloween. It is rather beautiful. By the time December 1st comes around though, my house should look something like the North Pole.

I have gone home for the month of November to rotate in "rural" family medicine and come back to my own home on weekends to work giving me a little time to decorate each week. So far my time at home has been busy and enlightening, but more on that later. Work time!

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